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  3. لست عزيزاً على أحد إلا الله

    you are not dear to anyone except God

    بعد موتك الكل سينساك

    after you die, you will be forgotten by everyone

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  5. Confess something you’ve thought about me on anon, and all I can do is post it.

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    he’s got his mother’s eyes, and his father’s chin… when will this child stop collecting bodyparts

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    Kill me kill me kill me kill me no no no no no no noooo

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    That black kid you called ashy today, he had a little lotion left and gave it to his little brother, think before you speak..

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    Art installation by Syver Lauritzen is a paint-emitting plinth that disperses colour according to local mood on social media - video embedded below:

    MONOLITT is an interactive installation that quite literally paints the mood of the city, using social media feeds as an input. The installation takes electronic signals and lets them manifest themselves in the physical world. Using sentiment analytics, the installation links tweets to corresponding colored paints in realtime, feeding them out through the top of the sculpture, letting them flow into a procedurally generated three-dimensional painting.

    Syver’s Tumblr blog, syverlauritzsen, can be found here

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    When my grandma died I found this in her room, I laughed so hard and I made me much more happy

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    the fragility

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